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Level5PR is a new media relations and sports management company created by former Daily Record Associate Editor James Traynor and Stephen Kerr, former journalist/producer at Radio Clyde and press officer at Rangers Football Club.

Level5PR is a dynamic business offering a wide range of services including media relations, sports management, brand creation and enhancement, social media awareness, speech writing and staging and managing corporate events.

Level5PR is a management company with a wider reach than most because we will be guiding and mentoring emerging and established sportsmen and women to provide them with greater opportunities as their careers develop.

We are open for business and would love to hear from you.

What People Are Saying About Us
“I had the pleasure of working with Stephen at Radio Clyde and I would highly recommend him to any company that places a priority on working relationships, communication and projecting the right image within their professional field.” PETER MARTIN
“Having worked with Stephen Kerr for over four years, I would recommend him to any company looking for a hardworking, dedicated individual who has an in-depth understanding of the media landscape, it’s key players and it’s mechanisms.” KEITH CAMPBELL 

“The one thing you will always get from James Traynor is honesty. I didn’t always like what he had to say but at least you always knew where you stood. He is a listener and I also found through the years that he has a way of solving all kinds of problems through logic and reason.” WALTER SMITH

“I consider James Traynor to be one of the most trustworthy individuals I have ever met. I have known him for many years and have always been impressed by his ability to tackle all manner of problems and find solutions. He is talented but he is also honest and that might be his most important quality.” JOE O’DONNELL