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We at Level5PR believe there is space for a new company, specialising in the promotion of companies and individuals in the worlds of business and sport.

Level5’s intention is to take media relations and management up to a new level.

Our reach is wide and we have built up experience and contacts over decades of working inside the commercial, sports and media businesses.

We doubt if any other company in the same sector will be able to open as many doors as Level5.


Level5PR provide a variety of different services that will suit a range of clients across a number of industries.

Media Relations

Public perception is crucial and we will strive to ensure all our clients have the best possible image

Client Management

We will guide all clients on image and credibility and prepare them for a lifetime of success, not just the duration of their careers

Financial Advice

Our specialist partners will be appointed where required to advise on legal, tax and all financial matters

Media Exposure

With editors, news editors, sports editors, features editors and senior journalists on speed dial, our team has the contacts to best represent our clients 24/7

Personal Branding

Our experienced design team can create branding tailored to the needs of each client

Media Training

We can provide strategic direction on how to deal with the media which can help strengthen reputation and image

Core Values

We offer a specialised, personal service based on trust, morality, belief and integrity and we take on only those clients who share our core values and ideals 

Digital Media

The more adept our clients become at using digital media the more opportunities they will have of maximising their earning potentials


We have a world-class pool of internationally established and highly-skilled mentors available to advise clients 24/7, 365 days a year 


Our Experience

Level5PR draws from decades of experience in dealing with the media world at all levels.

We can provide and manage media coverage but we are much more than that. We offer a wide range of services that will help you project the best possible image at all times.

Level5PR has assembled a bank of professionals in all areas including sports psychology, health, fitness, finance, legal and media.

We can also draw on the vast experience gained by some of the best and most successful managers and coaches in a wide variety of sports.

Take football by way of example. Level5PR has a number of former managers and players who have agreed to make themselves available to speak on a one to one basis with our clients – offering the best possible advice and support.

If a player is unhappy about where his manager is playing him then that player can speak, in total confidence, to one or more of football’s most respected figures. The player will be advised on how to handle the situation and the same applies if the player feels his or her training regime is not what it should be.

Level5PR has access to a team of doctors and fitness specialists who will provide advice on the most appropriate treatments should these be required.

Level5PR’s advisors include such pre-eminent men like Walter Smith, Craig Brown, David Hay and a host of others not just in the UK but throughout Europe.

To help our clients concentrate totally on their sports, Level5PR will offer financial advice, sponsorship and legal advice. In short, Level5PR is a one stop lifestyle support unit, making us unique in our field.

It is important to stress that Level5PR is not an agency. We will never recommend a career path which our groups of experts do not believe is in the best interests of our clients.

But at all times Level5PR will strive to maximise the earning potential of our clients, both inside and beyond their chosen arenas. Every alternative and all the possible consequences will be studied before Level5PR makes any recommendations because the long-term future of our clients must be protected.

The truth is there are too many agencies and business managers concerned only with generating as much money as possible for themselves without due concern or regard for their clients. This is wrong and frankly scandalous.

Level5PR will work with and advise only those clients we believe share our core values and attitudes, clients who recognise the importance of learning and growing as people as well as excelling in their chosen sports.

We will also provide media training because for the unsuspecting and innocent a media conference can be a minefield which can cause considerable damage to reputations and images.

However, when aware of how to respond to the toughest questions a media conference can also help strengthen those reputations and images.

Level5PR will also make it practically impossible for clients to become mired in trouble and controversy on social media platforms. Credibility is vitally important if blue chip sponsors and backers are to team up with our clients.

The more adept our clients become at using social media the more opportunities they will have of maximising their earning potentials.

Our Values

We will nurture and maximise our clients’ potential at all times and promote their interests in written, broadcast and digital media.

We will guide all clients on image and credibility and prepare them for a lifetime of success, not just the duration of their careers.

We offer a specialised, personal service based on trust, morality, belief and integrity.

We take on only those clients who share our core values and ideals.

Our PR operation will promote, protect and enhance the image of all our clients and our team can draw from more than 50 years of media experience.

Our focus is always on client development and wellbeing, not our financial gain.

Our Blythswood Square offices look over the whole of Glasgow but our reach extends beyond the boundaries of Scotland, not merely Glasgow.


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Level5PR is a new media relations and sports management company created by former Daily Record Associate Editor James Traynor and Stephen Kerr, former journalist/producer at Radio Clyde and press officer at Rangers Football Club.

Level5PR is a dynamic business offering a wide range of services including media relations, sports management, brand creation and enhancement, social media awareness, speech writing and staging and managing corporate events.

Level5PR is a management company with a wider reach than most because we will be guiding and mentoring emerging and established sportsmen and women to provide them with greater opportunities as their careers develop.

We are open for business and would love to hear from you.

What People Are Saying About Us

“The one thing you will always get from James Traynor is honesty. I didn’t always like what he had to say but at least you always knew where you stood. He is a listener and I also found through the years that he has a way of solving all kinds of problems through logic and reason.” WALTER SMITH

“I worked closely with Stephen Kerr at Rangers for many years during my second spell at Ibrox and he is a top class media professional. I have no doubt they will make an excellent team and Level5PR will be a huge success.” WALTER SMITH

“I don’t mind admitting James Traynor is still one of the first people I turn to for media advice. His thoughts and views are sharp and having him on your team can make an immense difference.” CRAIG BROWN

“James Traynor is one of the most genuine and talented people I have met. He is also one of the most determined and he always seemed to find a different way of tackling problems. I am certain that he will provide the best solutions and first-class guidance for anyone who seeks his advice.” DAVID HAY